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House Rules

We hope you love our awesome space and use of many different materials throughout the house. We want to keep our space looking sharp for you and the next visitors, so we ask that no outdoor equipment go inside the house, skis, bikes, hiking poles etc. Ski boots are ok as long as they go into the designated waterproof boot tray(we know there is nothing worse than trying to put on cold boots).

I know it can be a bummer if you are used to traveling with pets, but we have a strict no pet policy at our house due to some pretty severe allergies, sorry for the inconvenience.

We understand that for a whole variety of reasons, you may want additional guests to stay in the place. In the event that you want additional guests, please let us know. We’re reasonable folk and will accommodate wherever possible.

What you do in your personal time is entirely up to you, but when staying at our place we have a strict no drug use policy. This is just the law…not so much one of our rules.

Like our blazing fast internet? Us too, so in order to keep it around for you and our next visitors absolutely NO downloading of copyrighted materials (no “bit torrent”, for example) is allowed. If we get flagged and the authorities come knocking we will be subject to release of guests’ info to the copyright holder for further action.

We understand that accidents happen. But we do ask that you please let us know when they do. Chances are we can fix them as effortlessly as possible which also means better chances of having your full security deposit returned too.

Being a family home, we have a strict no smoking policy. There is no smoking anywhere on the property or around it.

If you intend to eat at home, please sit down in the kitchen, dining room, or on the back porch instead of eating in other rooms throughout the house. Drinks can be had anywhere in the house.

Additionally, do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests. Our home is pest-free and we intend to keep it that way with your help.

Whilst we do a thorough professional clean between each guest stay, we kindly ask that prior to leaving, you clean and put away any dishes or kitchenware used and put any dirty towels in the laundry room. It helps us get through our cleaning process quicker and allows us to keep cleaning costs down for you and future guests.

Although we are super close to downtown, you will certainly appreciate how quite our little neighborhood is when you are trying to get some shut-eye. Since this is a family neighboorhood, please be considerate and keep the noise down after 9 pm and before 7am.

Sorry, but the house and the property is not available for any type of party or event. If you are looking to throw a big bash, please look somewhere else.

Yes, but please be aware there are stairs and we do not offer any type of way to keep children from going up or down them. Additionally, our front patio has a fairly steep drop-off so if your little ones are still learning to walk, it’s best to keep them in the back enclosed yard.

Trash and Recycling is every Monday morning….early, so please be sure and get the proper receptacles out the night before.

We have exterior cameras to monitor the exterior of our home for both your safety and ours. There are no cameras inside the home.

Fake tanners rub off on towels and sheets. Our towels and sheets are white. The dyes in fake tanning products do not wash out using ordinary washing temperatures and detergents and the chemicals and temperatures needed to shift them destroy sheets and towels, as well as wasting hours of time dealing with the mess. Sometimes fake tanners won’t wash out at all. So, if you must dye yourself orange, please either bring your own sheets, pillowcases and towels and use them instead of mine or be prepared to take the trashed items with you and be charged for replacements.

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